Let's Shine


A production company made by star dust.

We make Films and Drama for entertain the world with love.

Deimos Pictures is a brand of Deimos Brands Group company. Deimos Pictures is a production brand based in Istanbul, Turkey. The idea of creating Deimos Pictures is to produce our own ideas and projects independently for the cinemas, tv and online platforms.
We listen to the world, try to understand the universe and write from idea to script. Our creative production team leads projects through all evolutionary stages, enabling each of our team members to produce the most influential movies, series and documentaries.

With our high spirit energy, years of professionalism and strong belief to our wonderful universe, our goals are always greater than our dreams.

As filmmakers, we can make our world a safer and educated place. It is our responsibility to entertain people in the world correctly. We target films that do not create a mirror in people's minds but aim to produce windows in their minds to better understand the world. Deimos Pictures is not just a production company, it's a light for creating content for change in the dark.

Deimos Family

We'll to shining your light

Uluc Yemen Aslan
Uras Aslan
Onur Küçük

/ Partner, Producer

Tolga Akdemir
Yücel Hüdaverdi
Erhan Caylak

/ Line Producer

Evren Tunçdöken

/ Project Coordinator

Hilal Yagmur Duygu

/ Line Producer

Melis Kutlar

/ Project Coordinator

Riad Afandiyev

/ Production Assistant

İbrahim Şanlı

/ Financial Advisor

Esma Durmuş
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