We have opened a new page moving to our new location in Sarıyer, Istanbul. With the new environment and new creative team members, in the peaceful atmosphere of Sarıyer, we aim to produce qualified projects, including our own contents. Our purpose as Deimos Pictures is to become one of the top content creators for the new trending digital platforms which are increasing in number every day. Our objective is to reach the global markets and Hollywood. Deimos Brands Group is stronger, more consistent, competent and creative than ever to its 12th year.


Our new Creative Producer Gülgün Dedeçam, in-house Screenwriter Aygün Kabuk and Jr. Producer Rana Ekin has joined us. Thanks to the young and dynamic team we are working with an increasing motivation every day. We create TV series and film projects for national and international digital platforms. We also cooperate with national TV channels in the field of non-scripted formats. Preparations continue for our feature-length film project, funded by Ministry of Culture of Turkey, Elephant Steps, and we are planning to go on the set soon.


Stay tuned for more great news!