Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 (lit. Youth won’t come again 2), sometimes abbreviated as JPNA 2, is a 2018 Pakistani romantic comedy film, which is a joint venture of Salman Iqbal Films, Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib’s Six Sigma Plus, and Jerjees Seja’s ARY Films. It is sequel to the 2015 film Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, directed by Nadeem Baig and written by Vasay Chaudhry. It stars an ensemble cast of Humayun Saeed, Fahad Mustafa, Ahmed Ali Butt, Vasay Chaudhry and others. The film released on Eid al-Adha, 22 August 2018.

It is the highest-grossing Pakistani film worldwide,  as well as highest grossing film ever at Pakistani box office.

Line Production Turkey ( a brand of Deimos Pictures ) was the Turkey’s line production company.

Box Office Record

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 became the biggest opener for any Pakistani film with collecting ₨ 2.99 crore, excluding previous day’s limited release.[22] It broke the previous day 1 record of Teefa in Trouble having ₨ 2.31 crore, as well as biggest single day of Punjab Nahi Jaungi having ₨ 2.8 crore. The film also recorded the biggest international opening for any Pakistani film with collecting ₨ 2.17 crore. It became the fastest Pakistani film to cross ₨ 10 crore worldwide within two days. It also crossed ₨ 10 crore in Pakistan within 3 days, and its worldwide gross became ₨ 15.7 crore. It broke the previous first Saturday record of Indian film Sultan in Pakistan with collecting ₨ 3.7 crore. It became the first Pakistani film to cross ₨ 25 crore within 5 days; including ₨ 8.12 crore from overseas.[31] The local gross for seven days was ₨ 20.64 crore, just behind Sultan which collected ₨ 21.17 crore in opening week in Pakistan.[32]

Until second weekend, the film made ₨ 29.68 crore, also surpassing the previous record of Indian film Sanju to cross ₨ 25 crore mark in Pakistan within 10 days as well as second weekend record. It reportedly left behind the competitor Indian film Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi at UK box office. It made the fastest ₨ 30 crore within 13 days in Pakistan.[37][38] Within two weeks, it recorded the biggest overseas numbers for any Pakistani film and beat the previous record of prequel in Pakistan with crossing ₨ 47 crore.[39][40] After 18 days, it recorded the fastest ₨ 50 crore at global box office, and became the highest grossing Pakistani film within third weekend after collecting ₨ 53.45 crore, beating the previous record set by Punjab Nahi Jaungi. In Pakistan, it crossed ₨ 40 crore mark in three weeks,[43] and collected ₨ 43.5 crore in four weeks. For the total gross, it crossed ₨ 60 crore worldwide in its fifth weekend.  After tenth weekend, it crossed ₨ 50 crore mark nationwide. It has collected ₨ 51 crore locally and ₨ 17 crore from overseas, making a total gross of approx ₨ 68 crore.

source: wikipedia