We are very excited to start our new feature film’s preproduction of Elephant Steps. After 3 years of research, script writing and business negotiations we are ready to start the pre production.


The film is about Yaya who has worked in cacao fields all his childhood but has never tasted chocolate. He blamed for the fire in his village so he is forced to run away. Coincidences bring him to Istanbul. If the Cote d’lvoire officials get a hold of this evidence, cacao merchants will get into trouble. That is why he is followed by private detectives. With the help of a social worker and her daughter in Istanbul, the evidence is found and Yaya’s name is cleared. At the same time, thanks to Yaya, social worker and her daughter’s life changed in good way.

Filmin for Good.

Child Labor is a serious problem in many counties around the world and the precautions taken are not enough. There are countries and firms who are trying to prevent this from happening. The Ivory Coast is one of those countries who is faced with this problem, and it has greatly decreased the number of child laborers. Years ago, during different times of the year, children from neighboring countries were made to work in chocolate fields. Some of these children were made to go back to their countries without being paid, and some had to take care of their families with the little money that they have earned. “Steps of the Elephant” is going to tell the story of a child who lived during those times.

Our Goals

Our short-term goal is to show the current situation and to set an example to other countries and firms to stop the situation. Our long-term goal is to conduce towards taking serious steps in preventing child labor and to promote new schools to be opened and to have these children attend these schools. To promote projects which enable their families’ economic level to rise which will then stop the need for the children to work and therefore encourage the children to go to school. Our first goal is to have all children in the world live their childhoods and for them to grow up to be beneficial, educated adults. Our second goal is to produce a movie with international standards which will be watched by the whole world. And to broadcast this movie in all festivals and TVs worldwide.